Terrance Littletent - Nipawin

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month is one of the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal People’s Committee’s major projects. The goals of SAS Month are:

• To support and promote First Nations, Metis & Inuit oral storytelling traditions in Saskatchewan
• To celebrate First Nations, Metis & Inuit history, language & culture
• To promote cross-cultural relationships and understanding by promoting storytelling as an important foundational cultural activity
• To facilitate and grow a living oral storytelling collection
• To share the vision of the LSSAP Committee: Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples collaborates through partnerships to enrich communities by promoting and improving library services for Aboriginal peoples

LSSAP works with partner organizations to provide financial support for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month Events, held in libraries, schools, and other institutions during the month of February. Without these financial partners, SAS Month would not be possible.

Click here to view a presentation about SAS Month 2004-2019.